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August 05, 2004



Here! Here! As "journalists of color" the only choice we have is to make it "not about race and all about journalism." Why is UNITY necessary? Because ears and minds are turned off. Journalists of color are getting their information from the same news sources and interested in the same issues for themselves and their families as all other races; to believe we are focused solely on ethnic-related issues is a risky place for news leaders to stand and it highlights the lack of awareness about a huge part of the US population. The loss of talented, frustrated and skilled journalists seeking other opportunities is incalculable. So how to make the ascent out of the box created to confine, remaining encouraged while gaining respect as a "professional," taken seriously on all issues not just areas of ethnicity? Run as fast as possible ahead of the curve, which translates to tireless networking, additional training, being more informed, and lots of support. I was told by older and wiser mentors that to have the same opportunities as my "non-color" counterparts in America, I'd have to work harder, nothing's changed. Eyes on the prize!

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