• "Made in the Shade"
    A package on Southern writers: profiles, interviews and an 11-state directory of writers you may never have heard of but are worth your time. Appeared in Creative Loafing chain.
  • "Mass Appeal"
    A day-in-the-life profile of a telegenic parish priest in Miami. Published in Catholic Digest, reprinted in the St. Petersburg Times
  • "The Liberation of Tam Minh Pham"
    How the first West Point graduate from South Vietnam disappears after the fall of Saigon, only to be rescued by his classmates two decades later. A cover story in The Washington Post Magazine


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Mindy McAdams

Hi, Chip! Thanks for the link! But give it a second look -- it's broken. Here is the real URL to that post:


Sorry it took so long for me to fix the link, Mindy. Had troubles with typepad after shifting to new computer. Chip


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