• "Made in the Shade"
    A package on Southern writers: profiles, interviews and an 11-state directory of writers you may never have heard of but are worth your time. Appeared in Creative Loafing chain.
  • "Mass Appeal"
    A day-in-the-life profile of a telegenic parish priest in Miami. Published in Catholic Digest, reprinted in the St. Petersburg Times
  • "The Liberation of Tam Minh Pham"
    How the first West Point graduate from South Vietnam disappears after the fall of Saigon, only to be rescued by his classmates two decades later. A cover story in The Washington Post Magazine


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Marcio Simoes

The reporter may as well ask the subject: How would you describe yourself, your appearance, your clothes, your body, your eyes, your voice? Which impression your figure causes on people? Which trait best represents you? Which trait mislead other people about you? Often the answer is honest and surprising, and can be freely used in the story.


Mr. Scanlan,
I love your blogs. I followed your links to previous posts, and previous posts' links to posts written before that. It's a maze trying to find my way back to your original blog. Thirty minutes later, here I am, full of new insights from a veteran writer.

On descriptive writing and observation, I like Marcio's idea of asking someone how they would describe him or herself. I recently wrote an article about a movie being filmed in the little town in which I recently found a job. The two main characters were townsfolk. Nothing flashy, no experience in acting other than an extra spot in Universal Soldier. The female character, wife and abusive lover of her partner Jack, is very large. To best describe the plot of the movie – basically how Jack hates his wife and, in a psychotic dream state, kills her 50 times – I had to provide a physical description. For Jack it was easy. He was a hippie from Eugene, Ore., where I went to college. The scraggly beard, dirt-stained pants and oil-spotted T-shirt all fit well with the focus of the film. His wife, though, who is his real-life girlfriend, was a very large woman. I ended up calling her overweight, which was a weak description, thrown in between more eye-catching phrases so to not draw too much attention. And I still felt bad. She's a real person, she's not a Hollywood actress. She's a local woman whom tons of people know. Even worse, there aren't tons of people in this place. The small-town know-everybody syndrome is rampant.
In a Hollywood film, reporters wouldn't have an issue with describing how grotesque is a character. But should they? Or should I avoid calling someone fat in print even when it colors the canvas of the article and helps explain, in this case, her husbands extreme unhappiness?


The 3-2-1 structure - is there a link to this? I'd like to read more about it.


saut tout le monde


Makin' their way, the only way they know how, that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.


In search of Earth, flying in to the night.


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The reporter may as well ask the subject: How would you describe yourself, your appearance, your clothes, your body, your eyes, your voice? Which impression your figure causes on people? Which trait best represents you? Which trait mislead other people about you? Often the answer is honest and surprising, and can be freely used in the storyGlobal Online Shopping

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