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July 25, 2008


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Unity attendees, at least those who support Obama, should consider the ramifications of an enthusiastic greeting. They would provide fodder for the growing (if unfounded) suspicion of media bias and clearly benefit the McCain campaign. The prudent response from Barack backers, for reasons other than sparing themselves of embarrassment, would be to clutch those notebooks, pens and mics tightly so as not to break into applause. Be careful how you wish for.


People should keep in mind that the audience isn't necessarily journalists. It is anyone who wants to pay the $500 to get in and I would venture to say that almost elminates all journalists. You can be sure the reporters in the media pen covering the event will not be cheering and that should be pointed out. Just because a crowd offers a warm, or even enthusiastic, reception at this does not mean they are journalists... this is Obama's home town after all. So to say that reaction at this event dipicts journalists is just plan wrong and, frankly, bad reporting because we have no idea how many actual reporters are in the audience.


The attendees certainly are not all journalists; not all working journalists; probably not even a majority working newspaper journalists. The crowd this year seemed to me even more weighted than usual with academics, non-profit organizations, former journalists looking to socialize, etc., probably because disproportionately fewer working journalists could afford to go.

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