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July 25, 2008


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mike tierney

Those who unabashedly cheer should be aware that they will be aiding the McCain campaign -- and, thus, hurting Obama's -- by adding to the growing (if unfounded) widespread suspicion of media bias. The true Obama backers at Unity would be wise to muzzle it and keep their hands wrapped around pens, notebooks and mics to deter them from clapping.


I would point on on Unity, in regard to the declining attendance, I bet it has more to do with the $500-plus charge to get into the career fair and programs than anything else. Seriously, who could afford that kind surcharge even in a good journalism year, let alone in this one even when all the paper's and outlets attending aren't really hiring anybody anytime soon. Some one needs to ask Unity why they charged such prices when they are also pulling in bucks from questionable sponsors and struggling newspapers. This isn't a vice president career fair. It is sad Unity would go to such lengths to keep out people who really need a career fair now.

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