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January 16, 2004



Hi there,

Great idea for a blog! Just one question -- what's with the order of your "Running for President" sidebar column to the right?

It would seem less partisan if you listed the candidates in alphabetical order instead of Bush first, everyone else jumbled after him.

Unless this is a Republican weblog afterall?

Jay Rosen

The site, "Blogging of the President, 2004: Notes on the Transformation" (BOP) also has coverage from Iowa, with longtime public radio host Chris Lydon, plus other correspondents, writing in from Iowa this week.

This weblog (I am co-editor, with Lydon, Matt Stoller and others) exists to track the small and large transformations that are underway in campaigning, due to new uses of the Internet.

It also has more traditional political commentary and press critique, but from a perspective that what's happening in 2004 is not your normal cycle of change. It's different.


First person account from a canvasser for Dean:

Cheers, everyone.



Thanks for calling our attention to that. We've set the order of the candidates so it's alphabetical by first name. Slightly random, but less so than before, I hope.

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