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October 07, 2003


Chris Josephson

I'm just a media consumer, not a journalist or media producer.

The LA Times stories on Arnold gave the appearance of the Times working as a supporter for Davis.
For me, it was 2 basic reasons: 1.) Timing 2.) The fact they rejected an article about Davis' problem with anger.

Had I lived in California, I may have cancelled my subsription to the Times as well. Hasn't as much to do with Arnold as to
feeling betrayed by the LA Times. I expect the media to *try* and be unbiased. The LA Times didn't even try.

I'm not a Democrat or Republican, I'm an Independant. I dislike and like both equally, depends on issues. I don't like papers
that seem to be cheerleaders for either party. I want the good, bad, and ugly of all reported.

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