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More Suggestions for the Blog

By Bob Stepno

Even after the pep talk from David Halberstam on Friday night, which had me up until 4 a.m. scribbling notes for new projects, I didn't make it to Saturday's session through the cold and snow, an unforseen curse of being "local" and not in the hotel. But I got a good burst of "can do" energy by walking 3.5 miles across digging-out Cambridge to get there in time for lunch on Sunday. It's great to have the weblog there
for pieces that I missed.

Here's another idea that didn't come to me until now -- along with the nametags, issue next year's conference-goers registration numbers they can use as personal passwords to the blogging system. If they can chip in from the beginning, you might even get "live" reports from the geeks in the back row with their wireless laptops and handhelds. Passwords also might eliminate the anonymous "this is a piece of crap"
comments--certainly sad to see that as the first note on any entry this week.

You also could give each timeslot in the conference an "anchor" entry for the blog -- just a repeat of the title and the particpants' bios would do. Audience contributions could branch off of there, in addition to being posted on the main page chronologically and cross-referenced with those category tags.

As Ted Nelson said, "everything is deeply intertwingled."

Print and online veteran Bob Stepno receives his Ph.D this month at UNC Chapel Hill. See his website. We welcome your suggestions for the blog.

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